When ‘normal’ decluttering rules don’t apply

I read a lot about decluttering and hoarding and minimalism and simplicity and all of that stuff, in the hope of finding the magic trick I need to get this hoard out of my house and having a home that looks normal.

If I could, I’d skip the advice that was aimed at people with ‘a bit of clutter’ and focus on advice for those of us with significant hoards, but there just isn’t enough of that available. So, I look at the tips and guidance aimed at people with a few more items of clothing or kitchen equipment than they need, and try my best to apply them in a way that suits my problem.

The thing that provoked this post was hearing some advice about throwing out / giving away one item a day. I understand this as a concept – it feels manageable and consistency is important.

But if a hoarder gets rid of one item a day, it will take them about 480 billion years* to have a tidy home (*may be a slight exaggeration).

So, can advice like this be translated in a way that hoarders can relate to? I guess my goal of getting rid of 100 bags of stuff a month is a seriously super-sized version of one item a day, so the principles of consistency and making continual progress are still there.

Perhaps that means that we can take advice for ‘normal’ people and adapt and apply it in a way that’s more realistic for us. I hope so.


81 bags already!

I may need to revise my goal of 100 bags this month – it’s only the 7th of January and 81 bags of rubbish have left the house already.

I know I’m all fired up and motivated, and I won’t keep up this level of decluttering on a daily basis, but still. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

And that doesn’t happen often.


New Year Decluttering

FLYLady. I tried to follow her programme a few years ago but, getting her emails through the day to remind me to do a new task, I found it impossible. It seemed to be designed for people who had nothing to do but wait for her mails and it just didn’t suit someone with other things to do (like work, go out, see friends etc.)

However, there is some useful stuff in this video about how and where to start a decluttering journey. It’s common sense in many ways, but those of us with hoarded houses have to admit that we lack a certain amount of common sense in these areas!! Enjoy.