How Would it Feel to Have a Mess-Free Home?

It can be useful to visualise how we imagine our homes will look when we have finished dehoarding (notice I’ve stopped saying ‘if we finish…’ – we need some clarity if we’re going to get there!).

We can imagine what our bedroom will look like or how easy it is to move around our kitchen. And we can also imagine how it will feel.

How will it feel to hear a knock on the door and not panic that it might be someone who needs access?

How will it feel to be able to invite friends over without embarrassment?

How will it feel to be able to find what we need, when we need it?

How will it feel to be surrounded by things we’ve actively chosen to keep, rather than every piece of shit and trash and junk we’ve acquired over decades?

Visualising what it will be like, both aesthetically, and emotionally, can be a really helpful motivational tool. Let’s commit to doing it on a regular basis to keep track of where we are up to.